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Retain Judge Kathryn Loring

 | San Juan County Superior Court

In November 2017, Governor Jay Inslee appointed Kathryn (Katie) Loring to replace retiring Judge Donald Eaton as the San Juan County Superior Court Judge. In November 2018, Judge Loring will stand for election - unopposed - to retain the position.

Judge Loring brings diverse legal experience to the bench. She clerked for the Washington Supreme Court and practiced in small and large law firms, as well as served as a pro tem Superior Court Commissioner for over a year before her appointment.

Judge Loring is committed to access to justice for all members of our community and to a court environment where the participants understand the legal process and feel they were heard and respected. 

Judge Loring believes that every case is important. Every individual deserves a judge who will diligently research and accurately apply the law, and who will treat him or her with respect. Judge Loring employs these principles on a daily basis.

“I am honored to serve the people of San Juan County as Superior Court Judge. I appreciate the awesome responsibility of the position and I strive every day to uphold and apply our state’s laws with diligence, impartiality, and compassion to the people who come before the court. I ask for your vote in November to keep me on the bench serving our community.”

     -San Juan County Superior Court Judge Kathryn C. Loring

Judge Kathryn Loring

"[All] who work in the judicial branch are stewards of justice.  Katie is and will continue to be a true steward of justice. She is committed to having a justice system that is accessible and fair to all members of the community... San Juan County Superior Court has a remarkable person and a steward of justice as its new judge."

– Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary E. Fairhurst

"Judge Loring has demonstrated her integrity, experience, and devotion to the law in her service as San Juan County Superior Court Judge. She will continue to ensure that justice is done in every case to come before her."

– Alan R. Hancock, Island County Superior Court Judge

"Judge Loring is exceptionally well qualified to serve as Superior Court Judge for the citizens of San Juan County. Her service in the past as Superior Court Commissioner and now as the County’s only Superior Court Judge have clearly demonstrated that she has the skills, the dedication, and the temperament to excel as a judicial officer."

– Judge Donald E. Eaton (Retired)